Lisa Lynch studied journalism with a view to one day editing Smash Hits. But then something called the internet happened, and as kids stopped cutting song lyrics out of magazines and started downloading them instead, Lisa found herself writing about wallpaper instead of Westlife. At the age of 28, while editing her second interiors title, Lisa discovered a lump in her breast – a lump that spawned not just cancer, but a blog, a book and a writing career.
Talk about milking it.

Out now: The C-Word (Arrow at Random House). For publicity opportunities please contact Amelia Harvell, Publicity Manager. 
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'Searingly honest, touching and often very funny... This book is not only life affirming, it's also the most inspiring and uplifting account you'll ever read about cancer.' Stylist

'In this compelling book, Lisa tells her story with incredible honesty, emotion and humour... Guaranteed to make you laugh, cry and put your own troubles into perspective.' Closer

'An emotional, witty and compelling read.' Heat

'The C-Word is one of those rare reads that touches and entertains across the gender divide. Lynch is a gem of a writer – and boy, can she swear.' Sport

Alright Tit: the frustrating, life-altering, sheer bloody pain-in-the-arse inconvenience of being diagnosed with breast cancer at 28.

'Funny and brilliant... an a1 blog. I don't think she'd mind me calling her the web's top cancer bitch.' Stephen Fry

'A treasure trove of keen insight, coping strategies... and uplifting slices of life.' The Telegraph

Recent writing
Fabric, Life & Style, Financial TimesGlamour, Bella, BBC Ouch!, TomorrowJust Giving, Easy Gardens and Real Homes among others.

Editor, Real Homes: 2005 - 2007 (shortlisted for Fiona McPherson New Editor in the 2006 BSME Awards)
Editor, Inspired Living: 2007 - 2008 (shortlisted for Editor of the Year in the 2008 APA Awards)
Interiors Editor, Fabric: 2009 - present

TV, radio and presenting
BBC Ouch! Podcast, 2009 link
Interior Rivalry (Five), 2007
GMTV Minute Makeovers (ITV), 2007
Ideal Home Show, 2006
plus various other radio and podcast shows